Friday, September 16, 2011

Drugs, Drugs, Drugs.

Photo by emagineart / by 2.0 CC

In my journey to get rid of my chronic migraine headache, I have tried many treatments. I wish that permanent relief would have come with natural methods, but that doesn't seem to have been the case. That doesn't mean I won't try them again in the future, but for now my main line of defense is with drugs and Botox. Five weeks ago I received Botox to treat the migraine, which is FDA approved for chronic migraine sufferers who have failed traditional medical treatment. It appears to be providing a slight positive effect.

I saw my neurologist today and he wanted to start me on another drug. I think this is the 9th one to try. I'm still on one, but all the others have failed to make a significant difference. I hate being on drugs. Putting chemicals into my body to make things right makes me feel uneasy. And I hate the side effects. And I don't even know the long-term side effects. If Botox is my miracle treatment, what are the long-term effects of injecting that stuff in my head every 3 months of my life? One thing's for sure, while everyone else's face is full of wrinkles and creases in the nursing home, my skin will be smooth and youthful.

Something I have learned through this journey is that I am in charge of my treatment. As much as I hate the drugs, it's my choice to take them or not. Just like it's my choice what doctor I go to and what treatment I decide to embark on. So as much as I hate the idea of having to take the drugs to make me feel better, I hate not feeling well more. I hate being in chronic pain worse. So right now I choose to take the pills. I choose to be well. And part of that means taking the drugs. What do they say, 9th time's a charm?


  1. The 9th time's a charm...or maybe your headaches are of feline origin and have 9 lives? ;-) Glad the Botox seems to be helping...and that you'll be the prettiest lady at the nursing home some day.

  2. Ha, maybe so Elizabeth. I like your positive, humorous spin on things.