Saturday, September 17, 2011

Motivating Music

Living in chronic pain has been bad for my workout habits. Why?

1. You're in pain, so you might not feel like going to the gym.
2. Exercising sometimes exacerbates the pain and you don't feel like inducing a headache.
3. Chronic pain causes exhaustion, so you may just feel tired and think you have no energy to exercise.

Because of these reasons, I have become mostly a donating member of my gym, except for the occasional yoga class. Now that I've had some slight relief, I need to get my rear back in gear. I saw this music group on Jay Leno the other night and couldn't stop laughing. They're pretty silly (and slightly inappropriate?). But it reminded me of how important it is (for me, at least) to have fun, upbeat music that motivates me when working out. I might just have to add this song to my playlist.

Warning: I would not recommend opening the video with young children around due to some inappropriate lyrics. (hey, at least I spared you the music video, which was super inappropriate and uncomfortable.)

Click: Sexy and I Know It on youtube

*PS: I'm disappointed I can't embed this youtube video on blogger!! Sorry!

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