Monday, January 16, 2012

Dear Chiropractor #2

(I had an idea to write a letter to Physical Therapist #1, Chiropractor #1, and Physical Therapist #2, because this blog is for me, to get my feelings and thoughts out, and I have some things to share with them. Instead, for now, I decided to focus on the positive and write to Chiropractor #2.

Dear Chiropractor #2,
Out of all (14) healthcare professionals I have gone to for my migraine, you are my favorite. This is because, from the beginning, you accepted me how I was, did not judge me, listened, and validated the reality I felt of my chronic pain. When I initially came to you, guarded and emotional about starting a new treatment, you gently shared what you could do to help me from your expertise with headaches. You weren't offended when I requested (demanded?) you share with me what you could do, and said I needed to hear how you would help me before I decided to start treatment. You did not promise it would cure me, and that in itself is so valuable to me. I realize I am probably not the easiest patient to deal with. Most of the times you see me, I'm not doing well. Sometimes it's because of the pain and sometimes it's because of circumstances in my life. Lots of times, both. Either you do a really good job of acting like you unconditionally accept your patients, or you really unconditionally accept them. I believe it's the latter. I have never felt like you were frustrated by me, my questions, my pain, or my emotions. When you say "you're fine!" when I apologize for being.... how I am... I believe you. You listen to me and incorporate that into my treatment with you (i.e. I dislike laying on my stomach). Your adjustments of my neck are clean and you always get it right the first time. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my precious head! Thank you for being my favorite healthcare professional and for everything that makes you my favorite. I am truly grateful that you are part of my journey.
A Very Satisfied Patient,

(Let me know if you want a referral to an amazing chiropractor in Overland Park.)

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