Friday, December 2, 2011

The Good News and The Bad News

The good news is my cerebral spinal fluid is normal and has no infection. And my pressures were normal. The bad news is, I have a terrible spinal headache whenever I am upright. They gave me a 'binder' to wear, which is like a huge elastic band around my waist, which is supposed to keep the CSF from dropping with gravity. The good news is, this 'binder' sucks in all my fat. I'm supposed to drink caffeine to help my body replenish CSF. The bad news is, one of my drugs makes pop taste like metal and I don't like the taste of coffee.  The good news is, adding hot chocolate and cream to coffee is actually not that bad.

MRI of my spine/neck is still on for this morning. Nerve block is postponed until Monday.

Harpo, the therapy dog came to my room. What a sweet pup. He was a cross between a poodle and a lhasa opso. Wish I had gotten a picture for you guys.

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  1. Oh how lovely that you got to have a therapy dog come by your room! I'm so glad that they are doing something for your spinal headache as well. I hope that the binder and the caffeine helps! I remember how topamax makes anything carbonated icky. :( Sounds like you have found a delicious alternative! Glad to hear how well they are taking care of you!