Friday, December 9, 2011

A New Family

Before I left for Michigan, I asked my friends and family to specifically pray for: 

My heart and attitude to be open and willing to their treatment. I'm very much looking forward to this opportunity. But being hospitalized, sharing a room and a bathroom with a stranger for 7-10 days, Chad staying at a hotel... this doesn't sound fun.

I look at that request and the treatment I am receiving and think that I have such an amazing God who has taken care of me. And not only has he taken care of me, but done so in a way that blows me away. That is more than I could have even asked for. The head pain unit is a special place full of unique individuals all in the same situation. We all have severe, daily head pain that has been unresponsive to treatment. And we have tried everything out there. We are such different people from each other. Yet we get each other. We have an instant bond, and it is unique and amazing. In a way, I wish I wasn't separated geographically from them. And it's weird to think I may never see them again. But they hold a special place in my heart, and I will think about them and pray for them so often.

I got to see the third therapy dog that visits regularly. Meet Cali:

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