Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Peaches the Therapy Dog

Meet Peaches, the therapy dog:

Last night was the first night I finally got up and around the unit because my terrible spinal headache was gone. I thought I was going in for a nerve block, but the pain anesthesiologist recommended a blood patch to alleviate my positional headache from the spinal tap. Except that procedure made my back incredibly sore, feeling like I had thrown it out! There's always something.

Last night I ate in the dining room, which all the patients are encouraged to do. I figured Chad and I would sit together, instead of sitting in our room like we have for the past 5 days. I walked in, and all the other patients were sitting together with 2 tables pushed together. One welcomed me with a warm smile and said "oh come here, we have a chair for you!". I didn't realize or expect the patients to be so connected and friendly. I had been such a hermit from the spinal headache. After dinner, there was group with the therapy dog. And it was supposed to be game night, which Chad brought games to. But I had found out that another patient played guitar, but was too shy to play for others. I figured anyone who brings their guitar to a hospital has to be good, right? As in, better than me. So I asked the rec therapist if this patient could bring his guitar to group. He was real reluctant to play for everyone, so I told him I'd open for him with kids songs. Ha. That made him feel comfortable enough, and he didn't even let me play. Probably because he had such a nice guitar he didn't want anyone else touching it. So it turned into a nice evening with sweet Peaches and great music.

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