Monday, December 5, 2011

Many Things To Be Thankful For

I feel overwhelmed with  gratitude by circumstances and caring individuals in my situation while in the hospital.

I am thankful for...
  • Chad being here with me and his care and patience.
  • The flexibility that Chad's job provides for him to work from wherever he is, including my hospital room.
  • Sick time at my job so that I can be away from work to get the help I need.
  • My sister for watching my pup.
  • FaceTime to be able to talk to my sister, nieces, and parents.
  • Mail to brighten my day!
  • All of the friends who have flooded me with messages and support and prayers.
  • A friend who called and prayed for me.
  • Insurance. I don't even want to know how much this program costs. (Actually I do, but because of insurance, and me being $200 away from my out of pocket max, I will pay  no more than $200... I think.)
  • The nice, nice, nice staff here. Did I mention they're nice?
  • Back-up meals and food options from the cafeteria food that is getting old, fast.
  • The 'kitchen' on the unit with pop and ice cream (and Chad always finds chocolate milk in there).
  • Drugs that work to decrease pain and change my brain chemistry.
  • My neurologist not being proud and referring me here (so many others are frustrated by their neurologists not telling them about this place, and they had to research and find out about it on their own).
  • Prayers from my 4-year old niece, "Dear God, please help Caylyn never feel the way she feels now again. Amen." 

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