Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Big Appointment

I had a full-day today at the Michigan Head Pain and Neurologic Institute. I had blood drawn for extensive lab work, met with the nurse go to over my headache history, had an educational seminar on headaches/migraines (which I felt like I could have taught), had an EEG and an EKG, met with the neurologist, and met with a psychologist.

After the EEG. Unfortunately I had nasty goop in my hair for the rest of the day! I asked the lady to take my picture, and she said she gets that question all the time. I asked her if people do it to put it on their blog, and she said that was a new one! :)

Source: MHNI Staff
Dr. Prestegaard was my neurologist. She was very nice. Anyone who first-thing asks me what I do and genuinely seems interested in music therapy wins me over in my book. She went on to say that they see a large number of special education teachers. Hmm. After my evaluation with her, she diagnosed me with 1. post-viral headache, 2. migraine with aura, and 3. myofacial spasm (something to do with my neck/shoulders having tension). So, nothing really ground-breaking here, but finally someone giving light to the fact that the headache was significantly worse with mono, even though I had headaches before mono. She said it's common for a viral infection to bring out a headache and have a migrainous component.

So, now what? I will be going to their inpatient program to be treated. That means I will be hospitalized for the headache, which I was expecting. They will use intravenous drugs to break the cycle. I think she rattled off DHE, zofran, magnesium, benedryl, and something that started with a T that she said was like ibuprofen. She said how the IV drugs are much more effective at breaking the cycle, and once my headache is under control the drugs will have a better chance to be more effective. With a chronic migraine, my pain has been so high that it hasn't really given the oral medications a chance to do their job well. At the hospital, they will also let me have access to lots of other drugs as abortive drugs to see what is effective and could possibly be used in the future as a preventative meds. I got the impression that they want me to try as many drugs as possible to see what does/doesn't work. Oh my! I will also have a lumbar puncture to measure the cerebral spinal fluid and look for infection.

They instructed me to call tomorrow between 11-12 to see if a bed is available. If it is, then they will contact my insurance, and I can be admitted between 4-6. So I'm praying a bed is available so I can get this process started! In the meantime I'm hanging out with Chad at his 'inn'. It's a nice, funny little place. It feels like a bed and breakfast. There were cookies sitting out, and there is a full kitchen he has access to, along with multiple living areas. I'm glad I don't have to be here by myself while I'm here for treatment, and I'm glad Chad has a nice, cozy place to stay.

I'm going to go wash this goop out of my hair. Still can't believe I haven't done that yet, but I wanted to update you! Then I'll get cozy in the inn and get ready for the predicted 3-5 inches of snow to fall.

Welcome to our room!


  1. So glad you are getting some answers and help. Still praying for you!!!

  2. I have been thinking about you a lot lately. Hoping everything works out and you can get in to start kicking that pain's butt!


  3. Thanks for the encouraging update. May God allow the cycle to be broken. We thank Him for allowing you to be there.