Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pick Me Up

Yesterday at work God gave me multiple encouraging situations. Isn't it awesome when He does that right when you need it?

I entered a high school classroom, who had actually forgot I was coming so both the students and staff were pleasantly surprised to see me. One student greeted me enthusiastically with, "I am so glad to see you! I love fresh music on a Wednesday!"

Later that day I was leaving an elementary classroom and telling one student to have a happy Thanksgiving. He's a smart little guy and sadly asked, "Why won't I see you next Wednesday?" I told him that we didn't have school on Wednesday for Thanksgiving break. He grabbed my hand and tenderly said, "I will miss you, Miss Caylyn." I almost teared up. I didn't have the heart to tell him I wouldn't be back for the next two Wednesdays after that.

I go to one very large classroom with kids with a wide variety of needs. Consequently I do two groups. The paras' schedules changed plus yesterday was a weird day due to an assembly. So one para was in the second music therapy group when she is normally with kids in the first. When another para found this out, thinking the other's schedule had changed to make it such that she would be in both music therapy groups on a weekly basis, she said disgustingly, "Nuh uh! You don't get to be in both!" I told them it made me happy that they were arguing over spending time with me.

At this same school, we had just finished singing goodbye when one student, who probably has the most oppositional behaviors, looked straight at me and said 'go to McDonald's with me'. I didn't know what was going on. I thought maybe they were going on a trip to McDonald's and he was inviting me so I asked the staff. And the paras said, "He really likes McDonald's so it means he likes you". Ha. So sweet that he wanted me to join him.

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