Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Got a Bed!

For those not privy to my Facebook status updates, I will be going into the headache hospital today! 

I was feeling nervous about calling between 11-12 to see if they had a bed available for me, because I know other people would be calling at the same time. I was feeling nervous about the race... who would get the bed first?! But I didn't have to call. They called me at 10:48 and said they have a bed for me today! What a blessing. I will be admitted from 4-6.

I have two specific prayer requests (aside from their treatment being successful in significantly reducing my intense daily headaches).
  • My insurance has just authorized the first day and will authorize each day after that. Just pray there will be no issues with that and I will get the full treatment I need.
  • I will be having a lumbar puncture (spinal tap) to measure spinal pressure and test for infection. I'm not really that excited about this, so I'm not really thinking about it so I won't get freaked out or worried about it. I know I'm with the experts, so I'm just trusting in that.
In the meantime, I'm enjoying the beautiful snowfall...

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  1. Just in case you don't get my comment back to you on my blog, I wanted to let you know that . I just added your blog to my blog roll so I can stay updated on your journey! I'm so sorry you are at the point that you need to be hospitalized. I will be thinking of you and praying for your stay. I've been an hospitalized for chronic Migraine six times for 7-14 days at a time. (I was at Diamond Headache Clinic in Chicago.) So, if you want anyone to chat with while you are there (if you have email), feel free to email me. (My email is on my homepage). If you don't have internet access while you are there, I can email you my cell # if you want to text. I know how hospital stays in headache units can be. I hope this is a very successful trip for you! My quick and unsolicited advice is to make sure to be the squeaky wheel and ask every question that comes to you. Oh and write down every thing they give you IV or by mouth. Sorry--don't mean to be sayign so much. I'm sure you're extremely prepared! Maybe I should write a post on this! LOL:) Anyway, I'll be thinking of you! You can do it!