Saturday, November 26, 2011

Raw, Last-Minute Apprehensions

As I'm preparing to leave for our trip to Michigan (Iowa tomorrow, Michigan on Monday), I'm overwhelmed by an excited nervousness. But mostly nervousness.

I can't believe I'm doing this. This is a big deal.
I'm not that sick with migraines.
There are people much, much sicker than me (like the girl who had 2 strokes and didn't survive her second one).
What if they don't find anything 'wrong' with me?
What if all they tell me is to change my diet, and I go all the way up there just for that?
What are they going to do to me when I'm up there? Yes an EEG, but.... what else? 
What is involved in a 7-10 day stay at an inpatient headache unit? What sort of treatment? Intravenous drugs? Spinal tap for diagnostic testing? Therapy groups? What will my roommate be like?

This is scary.

But I need it.

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